E-Community of Practice

The purpose of the ‘BFI Community of Practice’ is to provide a forum for collaboration, inspiration, learning, resource sharing and clinical tool development for clinical staff, educators, managers, and other related professionals with the goal of contributing to the development and implementation of effective, evidence informed breastfeeding practices across the province. The BFI e-CoP serves as a collective body of expertise and wisdom from which the BC Baby-Friendly Network Committee relies upon to achieve its mandate.

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The BC Baby-Friendly Network’s BFI e-Community of Practice has a team site on the InspireNet website to facilitate collaboration across the province for all those actively working on breastfeeding and the BFI.
To join InspireNet http://www.inspirenet.ca/, click Join InspireNet in the top right-hand corner, and ask to join the BCBFN BFI e-Community of Practice.

Closed Group BFI Facebook Page
As an extension of the InspireNet team site, there is a BCBFN BFI Community of Practice Facebook page to allow for informal conversations amongst the members. This is a closed group – when you go to the page, you must ask to join. It is also ‘informal’ in that it is supporting the grassroots discussions, and not formally sponsored by the BCBFN, PSBC, or the MoH.