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BFI Strategy for Ontario: three BFI hospital infant feeding policy samples
The Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) Strategy for Ontario has released three BFI hospital infant feeding policy samples
including: Baby-Friendly Initiative Infant-Feeding Policy, Supporting Families Using Formula Policy, and a simplified BFI Family-Friendly Policy/Pledge. 

These sample policies are consistent with the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada’s BFI Ten Steps and WHO Code Outcome Indicators 2017 policy guidelines as set out in Step 1, Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.3.  These resources may be used as a template to provide an example for the development of hospital policies and practices that support infant-feeding best practices and criteria for BFI designation. The infant-feeding and formula-use policies could be combined into one policy. Policies should be created at each organization in collaboration with multiple stakeholders including community members. These templates may be copied and adapted to meet the individual needs of each organization. These sample policies are not intended for community health services but may be adapted to meet that need. From BFI Strategy for Ontario information release.
The policy samples are available in Word and PDF for download at:
They can be accessed by downloading at no cost. These templates are available in English and French. 

Information courtesy of BFI Strategy for Ontario information release.

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