Membership Criteria


  • Protect, promote and support breastfeeding as the norm for feeding infants and young children
  • Have, or are willing to develop, a working knowledge of the Baby-Friendly Initiative
  • Represent an organization or program that is a good fit with the goals and objectives of the BC Baby-Friendly Network
  • OR, in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Chair
  • Are individuals who are not representing an organization, but are committed to the goals and objectives of the Network
  • Are able and willing to actively contribute to the work of the Network, i.e. regularly commit to and complete tasks as the need arises, and in a way that fairly distributes the work of the network among the members (see Terms of Reference)

Application For Membership

Two ways for an organization or an individual to apply for membership:

  • An active member of the Network can sponsor the application of an organization or individual during a regular Network meeting


  • The organization or individual may submit an application directly to the Chair of the Network. The application will be reviewed at the next regular meeting.

Acceptance of an application is by consensus among the Network members present at the meeting.