bc baby-friendly network

The BC Baby-Friendly Network protects promotes and supports breastfeeding by working towards implementation of the WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) in hospitals and community health services throughout the Province, thereby providing mothers, infants and families with excellence in breastfeeding care.

partnership with the breastfeeding committee for canada (bcc)

In 1999, the BC Minister of Health and the Minister for Children and Families designated the Network as the Provincial implementation committee for the BFI.  The Network works in partnership with the BCC in the implementation process towards BFI designation.


about us

The BCBN is a multidisciplinary committee that includes health care providers from each of the Provincial Health Regions, Ministry representatives, professional and educational organizations, agencies and consumers.

world breastfeeding week

World Breastfeeding Week October 1 – 7, 2018

Theme: Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life

British Columbia Government Proclamation for World Breastfeeding Week


news & events

BC partners have developed new posters & resources ready for WBW 2018.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has released Chapter 6: Breastfeeding of the Family-Centred Maternity and Newborn Care: National Guidelines.